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Customize your own box of 6 mini cheese tarts for $25 (tax included).

Simply add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Type your choices in the "Special instructions for seller" comment box.

Choices for the box: 

1) Original 

2) Matcha

3) Chocolate 

4) White Chocolate Raspberry 

5) Mango 

6) Blueberry 

7) Roasted Chocolate Almond Marshmallow

8) Apple Cinnamon 

9) Strawberry Daifuku 

10) Tiramisu

11) Strawberry 

Size - 2" 

Height - 1" 

Serving for 1 

* Contains dairy and gluten.

Freshly Baked Cheese Tart

Our signature product: flaky pastry with a deliciously soft and creamy filling, topped with apricot jam glaze.

Size - 6"

Height - 2"

Good serving for 4 - 6 people.

* Contains dairy and gluten.

Basque Cheese Cake

PABLO Basque Cheesecake is PABLO's special take on Basque cheesecake, and is made up of 40% cream cheese. While its outer layer is baked to perfection, take a bite and experience the rich and creamy inner texture filled with cheesy goodness.

Size - 5.1" 

Height - 2" 

Good serving for 2 - 4 people.

* Contains dairy and gluten.

Classic Cheese Tart Smoothie

Our signature cheese tart in the form of a drink! Cheese cream and apricot smoothie topped with whipped cream, apricot drizzle and crushed tart pastry.

* Drinks will only be made when customers arrive in store to guarantee freshness.

Mini Blueberry

Refreshing blueberries blended with cream cheese and topped with more fresh blueberries. 

Size - 2" 

Height - 1" 

Serving for 1 

* Contains dairy and gluten.

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